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Glass Jigs

glass jigs No paint on these lures
glass jigs Each one is unique
Reflect color and light glass jigs Reflect color and light
Handmade Glass Eco-Jig Handmade Glass Eco-Jig

Handmade in Minnesota by some of the best glass artisans who just happen to be anglers!



Magnetic Tackle & Tool Organizers

gear grabbar Gear Grabbar
Lure Hangar Kit Lure Hangar Kit
Lure Hangar pictured w/ Eco-Jigs Lure Hangar pictured w/ Eco-Jigs
  • Powerful magnets hold lures and tools securely in place
  • Change lures faster, maximize fishing time
  • Super easy lure attachment and release
  • Safe lure release minimizes hook injuries
  • Grasp lure body instead of the hook to attach
  • Perfect organization station for your boat or ice shack



The Fishing Rod Retainer

Dock Post Rod Holder Dock Post Rod Holder
dock post rod holder Pedestal on Boat
dock post rod holder Carry anywhere with ease

When it's time for fishing at your favorite fishing spot whether that spot is on a dock, in a boat, or on shore, all you need to do is pick up your FRR in one hand using the built-in handle and carry up to 9 fishing rods tangle free to your fishing hole. 



Custom Livewells, Baitwells and Coolers

Custom Fit Boat Livewell Custom Fit Boat Livewell
Custom Fit Cooler / Baitwell and Livewell combo Custom Fit Cooler / Baitwell and Livewell combo
Custom Bait Station Custom Bait Station
Baitwell/Livewell combo tank Baitwell/Livewell combo tank
If you have been searching for a livewell or live bait well to fit your needs
and keep running into dead ends, search no more!!!



Tin Jigs

The longest lasting Glow Lure! The longest lasting Glow Lure!
Most Reflective Presentation! Most Reflective Presentation!
Multi-colored Hot Heads Multi-colored Hot Heads

These are used by the beginner and the professional to bring the big fish into the boat!  Hand painted with TLC to ensure you that you have never seen anything close to similar!  Moon Glow and Bling Eco-Jigs have been known to bring in big Walleye, Catfish, Bass and Perch.  Built to order not warehoused.  


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